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Hey Guys!

Thanks for all your subscriptions & reading our blog.  Managing The Randimonium Show has been super rewarding for us here.  Entertaining and sharing our reviews with you all is something we are passionate about.  But it's not a completely selfless endeavor.  Just like every blog, there will be ads.  We're not going to try to hide that fact, but we're also not going to drop 800 pop-ups at you that are a huge pain in the ass to close.  Ugh!!  We hate that too.  And we know nothing ruins a good read or listen like never-ending sales pitches and pop-ups.

This blogging/podcasting adventure is definitely a for-profit entity.  It's very time consuming and has production costs.  In order to cover those expenses and pay ourselves and future employees, businesses need to make money.  In order for people to spend money on said business, that business needs to provide something.  And we're here to make you laugh, share thoughts and ideas with you, and join a community of people who just can't get enough of being a fangeek.

If you enjoy our content, we highly encourage you to support our advertisers.  And we promise to do our best to find products and services of high regard.  While we may not be personally responsible for the actions of any other company if you have a poor experience with one of our advertisers we want to know.  Contact us by email at  If the same company or product receives multiple complaints, we may decide to remove them.


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