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Orange is the New Black – Season 5 Episodes 9 & 10 Recap

recap orange is the new black

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This week

Orange is the New Black… ep 7 & 8; it was intense!  Here’s what happened.

The end of episode 8 we saw what looked like Piscatella breaking into the prison and guess what… we were right.  I mean come on, it was obvious.

Episode 9 opens with Piscatella coming up behind Blanca in the basement; she’s still stuck in her own boobie trap, set for him.  He’s savage in his attack and sends a full blow punch straight to her face, knocking her out.

Seeing Red

Red might be coming down from one hell of a rush, but she fears she is going crazy, focused on her fears that Piscatella is coming for her.  Lucky coincidence, foresight, or just plain smart — Red is right!!

It was super fun to watch the cast put together a ‘horror movie’ sequence as Piscatella snagged the ladies one at a time from dark hallways, amidst ominous music, references to Friday the 13th, and The Shining.  Also… super creepy.

Red finds one of Frieda’s maps to the bunker and it leads straight to where Piscatella is holding the girls.  As bad as things are then, there’s always room for worse.

He’s got Blanca, Nicky, Boo, Alex, and Piper when Red arrives.  He’s also got the intent to humble and humiliate her in front of the girls that look up to her so much.

During the terror, we’re given backstories of Red’s dark side, coming to America and Piscatella’s humanity — and brutality.

The girls witness some of that brutality first hand as Piscatella cuts Red’s hair down to the scalp.  Piper, being so great with her tongue and all, removes the tape from her mouth and screams for help, which is heard by our stoned ‘elder council’ below.

They come up with a plan to lure him into the bunker and Freida hits him with a dart, rendering him unconscious.

A Betrayal for Furlough

Last we saw Gloria, she was taking Caputo’s advice; she found her way to his office and dialed for help.  On the other end was Pearson, a sexist MCC figurehead.  While Gloria isn’t promised anything, he says he will only try to help her if she helps end the riot.

Her only way out is by letting the guards go and betraying everyone she knows.  The guards are locked in the bubble, guarded by Ouija and Pidge.  Gloria sets out to manipulate them into letting her take over.  Her plan almost works, but thanks to her debating delay, Ouija and Pidge catch her at the last minute.  Her explanation — a potty break.

Ouija and Pidge remain suspicious, but they don’t make her leave.

Negotiations through Sexual Tension

Fig’s claims that the prison is already meeting most of these demands and it’s frustrating Taystee.  She brings in Caputo to back her up on the truth.  Despite being locked in a hot stinking shit box, he still cares about the inmates at the prison and willingly begins discussions with Fig.

After Boo’s disappearance, Linda goes looking for Joe; she discovers he’s been taken from the poo to assist with negotiations and finds him surrounded by Taystee and Crew talking with Figeroa. Distressed, she begs for his help.  But he declares her a mental patient — maybe to protect her, maybe for Fig.

His sexual tensions with Fig are some of the best moments of the episodes, sexy and disturbing — and incredibly funny.  But it’s interfering with progress and Taystee buts in to end their perversion and get back to work, proving herself quite the smart gal.  She has the numbers and figures worked out and is making a lot of sense.

Meanwhile, Linda’s identity has been discovered by Zirconia and she ends up hiding in the poo herself to escape.

Daya Faces Her Actions

Aleida arrives in her usual loud fashion of yelling to Daya what she ought to be doing; which adds annoying to the bad situation Daya is in.

Things get heated between Aleida and Gloria.  Aleida calls Gloria a liar for not telling her the truth about what was going on at the prison — and with Daya.

Oh, Suzanna…

Leanne and Angie find Suzanne still tied to the bed rails while digging through everyone’s belongings.  They take her torture to a new level and white face her and decorate her like a clown.

Morello hides pregnancy tests from herself and discovers Suzanne’s meds.  Realizing she hasn’t been taking them, Morello leaves to take them to her; she finds Suzanne in her tortured state.  Morello is just about as crazy as Suzanne; she talks Suzanne into giving up her meds, declaring that she should feel free to be herself.

This doesn’t actually help at all and we see Suzanne reaching some tender breaking points.  While in the bathroom talking to herself she finds Maureen suffering from a horrible infection of her facial wounds.  At least Suzanne is conscious enough to taker her to medical.

Unfortunately, our adorable nurse man has been kidnapped.  Leanne’s crazy ass is on a mission to find a finger to cut off and is declaring that the nurse needs to perform a “finger-ectomy”.  Instead, we end up with our nurse locked in the poo.  Then awkwardly, we watch as Leanne gets fingered by Stratman. Her good buddy is Angie watching and chatting up like it’s the most normal thing ever.

All of this is bad news for Maureen.  Um… I think she’s gonna die. 

Suzanne notices that Humphries appears to be dead.  Yup.  So much for the pending no casualties clause in the negotiations.

Cindy and Janae find Suzanne with Humps in a wheelchair, trying to take him for help.  This would not be good for negotiations.

Black Cindy

This girl brought some of the funniest moments through these episodes.  I loved watching her sing in the hallway doin her thang! And she handles herself with such awesome crass and wit as she deflects pranks from the meths.

The best moment is when she walks up on Maritza and Flaca in a dark hall looking like the scary twins from The Shining.  We can tell the actors had a good time with this dark material.

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  1. Dang girl!! U can write!! ??? Pretty amazing cuz.

    1. Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to comment!!

  2. Loved this episode! By far one of my favorites!! I loved the horror movie cliches/throwbacks/imitations of the classic horror movie tropes. There were also references to Scream and When a Stranger Calls. So funny! I loved it because it was so meta, like the Scream franchise; but also super scary, like the Scream franchise. Piscattella dragging Big Boo away was so dark and funny at the same time. This episode worked well. For me at least.

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