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Ray Donovan Season 5 Premiere – A painful beginning

Ray Donovan Season 5 premiere


A death to rock a family and a shock to fans

I have been super excited about the season 5 premiere of Ray Donovan. But this was so unexpected!
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The loss of a beloved wife, mother, and character, Abby’s death changes everything. But still, kind of nothing.

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Fear the Walking Dead – Season 3 – Mid-Season Finale – Recapping Commentary

fear the walking dead season 3 mid season finale


End With a Bang

The first half of season 3 Fear the Walked Dead ended the same way it came in, with a nice double feature.  It’s been a help to our struggling opinions of the show.  The first two seasons left John & I to wonder if we even wanted to continue watching.  But season 3 has brought some interesting characters and some unexpected plots.  What it hasn’t done — is made us care.

Right now I care more about Walker’s community than any character or group we’ve seen to date.  But these people will not get to be the show’s front-liners.  Basically, we are still stuck with Madison’s clan.

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OITNB Season 5 Episode 7 & 8

full bush half snickers - orange is the new black

Spoiler Alert

Full Bush, Half Snickers – Tied to the Rails

This week John & I watched episodes 7 & 8 of Orange is the New Black.  Here’s my recap and our thoughts.

Inside, the inmates are working together to clean up the prison as their families surround the prison. They watch the pile of flaming snacks outside we saw started last week.  And Doggett is met with some skepticism as she begins her “community service”.  She makes a batch of “yellow drink” that looks a bit like urine; it’s made by soaking all the yellow candies from the commissary in water, but her peers seem to enjoy.

An angry Leanne squashes Doggett’s good deed by actually urinating in the yellow drink; payback for blowing off her finger has just begun.

“Is that piss? Cuz I don’t do that no more.” -Zirconia

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OITNB Season 5 Episodes 1-6

 It’s as if we’ve gone on a bender…

This week John & I binged on 5 episodes of Orange is the New Black!  We haven’t done this much tv watching at once since we watched the entire final season of Bates Motel in 2 days.   We also watched ep. 5 of Fear the Walking Dead and I’m bitching about that here.

Picking up where we left off in Season 4, Daya has shot an evil guard.  And Taystee and friends seek justice for Poussey.   Making matters worse, Caputo has gone on air dismissing the actions of the guard who killed Poussey and never bothers to name her, insinuating a full-out riot.  Given the treatment of the inmates since the prison went “for-profit”, it’s certainly warranted. Continue reading OITNB Season 5 Episodes 1-6

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American Gods – Come To Jesus – Ep. 108

Come to Jesus

Fat Jesus, baby Jesus, the glowing saint Jesus… the world has brought so many images to belief.  Who’s your personal Jesus?

The first season of American Gods has come to an end with Jesus and John & Kate agree, it was sooooo satisfying.  We’ve enjoyed some great actors who all look so stunning!!  Even though Technical Boy has an ever changing grill and hair ranging from a greasy bowl cut to look like a plop of soft serve ice cream landed on his melon – everyone looked AWESOME.  The scenery and imagery is equally stunning.  We’re really enjoying this endless, goofy, satirical humor coming at us on the sly and with some direct hits.   It’s all around amazing like a perfect gourmet meal of steak and potatoes.


Catching Up with Laura & Mad Sweeny

This week Laura and Sweeny have arrived in Kentucky, at the home of Easter, played gorgeously by Kristen Chenoweth, with hopes for a back to life revival for Laura.  The truth surrounding Laura’s death comes out; she’s been sacrificed.  Her death ensured that Shadow would have nothing to lose and nothing to live for.  The perpetrator executing this sacrifice, her road mate, Mad Sweeny.

Laura angry over this new information and distraught violently and literally squeezes Sweeny to find out why he would take her life.  Sweeny knowing he cannot stop her powers confesses that Wednesday orchestrated the task.  Easter reveals that a death by a God cannot be undone.  Will Laura’s heart ever beat again?

Shadow Backs Wednesday in a Lie

Wednesday and Shadow have also arrived at Easter’s home, just after Anansi has tailor made them each a dapper suit.  Anansi suggested Wednesday needed to enlist a queen; that is just what Wednesday intends to do.  Easter, like Vulcan, has made a comfortable existence for herself by siding with the new gods.  Initially, she has no interest in Wednesday’s proposition.

Wednesday misrepresents the events of Vulcan’s death and tells Easter that the new gods killed him for aligning with him and forging a sword to him.  In Wednesday’s mind’s eye, he’s being truthful.  In reality, Wednesday separated Vulcan’s head from body himself.  Wednesday displays the very impressive blade forged in his honor to Easter, spinning his tale; Shadow backs up his story by adding a little flattery before following orders to go be distracted.

Wednesday wins Easter Over
Wednesday wins Easter Over


A truth finally escapes Wednesday’s lips in one astounding come to Jesus moment of awesome cheesiness!  As Wednesday reveals to Shadow who he is, he demonstrates his power with a sacrifice to Easter. Easter inspired by the gesture, takes back the spring.  The two vow together to return the spring only when prayed for.

Bilquis Arrives at the House on the Rock

Anansi doesn’t quite answer how Bilquis gets to America, but he eloquently tells her story from Queen to peasant.  She returns to a measure of glory by aligning herself with the new gods.  Technical Boy seduces her with the technology of the dating app age and Bilquis finds a new way to rise in rank.  She with the most followers wins.

Technical Boy calls in a return of favor, but Bilquis appears to have thoughts of doubt and regret.  At the show’s end, we see Bilquis on a bus, pulling up to the place all the gods are heading, presumably for war.  Will Bilquis remain sided with the new gods?

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American Gods – A Prayer for Mad Sweeny – Ep. 107

American Gods Ep. 107

It’s Mad Sweeny’s World

…we just get to laugh in it.

We’re loosely recapping this week’s episode of American Gods.  And we’re cracking up over Mad Sweeny’s antics and famous quotes, romancing a past of 1700’s England, and understanding Laura’s crass and empty soul through “a spark of the same spirit”. All as Mad Sweeny’s coming to America is narrated by Ibis himself.

This week on American Gods we received a really fascinating look into the Mad Sweeny universe. We see Sweeny move from Ireland, to America, off to London and finally settled in America.  Presumably, via the belief in leprechauns from a miss Essie Tregowan, or within the confines of the show -McGowan.

Essie, who’s red hair flows bright as a blazing fire, is played by our very own Emily Browning who also happens to play Laura. At this time, we may question if Laura is a sort of reincarnation of Essie.  And producers do say that they are a sparkle of the same spirit, but what, if any, part of the future this plays is completely unknown.



Luck for the Good & Bad

The story of Essie is told in our beloved original publication; in as many regards as they the same, the two adaptations are different. In both she carries with her a belief in such things as fairies and leprechauns. One leprechaun in particular, the one and only Mad Sweeny, becomes attached to Essie by her faith.

Essie over the years continued to call upon the leprechaun in prayer. She leaves her magical creature the last little bite of food or a plate of milk as an offering. In difficult time Essie prayed hard.  The strength of those prayers bolstered luck in the life of the leprechaun and he returns luck back onto Essie.  But in good times, prayers went forgotten and luck went unbegotten for both.

Our little woman finds herself imprisoned for theft, a second time and deservedly.  She is celled adjacent to her leprechaun, Sweeny. Allowing for a conversation in which her thoughts give faith to a leprechaun as her king.  And as luck would have it, a means of avoidance of fate presents itself.

Her faith no longer escaped her mind after that final escape from the gallows. And in the new world she lucks into as comfortable a servitude as one could imagine. Eventually Essie marries her master and she lives out her remaining days as the owner of the plantation which she was purchased to serve.

In her final moments of blood pumping in her veins, her leprechaun pays a farewell visit; thereby demonstrating a level of comfort only faith can bring.