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Randimonium News – July 11, 2017

Studio Updates

In these past few weeks since starting the podcast, we’ve managed to put together this website and another.  We’ve packed up our entire studio and moved most of our things into storage.  And we’ve set up a home recording studio and a home office.

We have made you all some promises to bring you blog style recaps of the shows that we are talking about on the podcast… I am a little behind on that.  But now that the website is good to go, I can forget about all that and get writing!!

Next week we will be finishing up the final 3 episodes of Orange is the New Black, season 5.   And now Fear the Walking Dead is over for the mid-season.   Married at First Sight has a few weeks left and this is the reunion week for Second Chances.   So, we’re going to let the load lighten for a short period so I can catch up and fill in the blanks with recaps.

What’s in the “Shop”

We’re promoting cool fan merchandise from around the web through affiliate marketing.

We’re also inviting independent artists to become vendors with their own special fan creations.  Things you won’t find in any store.

If you are already a seller on Etsy, we are pending approval for affiliate marketing.  Pending that approval, if you create merchandise related to the topics from our show & blog and would like us to advertise your items for you – you can email us at

Thank You

What started off as months of discussing what kind of podcast to do, has turned into a fully-fleshed out project.  And it’s been fun a rewarding.  Thank you to our listeners!!  We’re looking forward to growing this relationship with you all and bringing you new content!