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Is This the Night for Cody & Danielle? – MAFS 510

Danielle & Cody Work on Growing Together

Who’s Ready to Consummate?

On MAFS (Married at First Sight), we get a chance to watch some drama unfold as people marry strangers.  Let’s take a moment to remember that these are real people, who have chosen to be in a real marriage, with people’s who’s names were unknown to them right up to the alter.  Real people.  And America is judging them harshly, both positively and negatively.  Myself included.

Even though it’s been nearly a year since the marriages took place, tonight we’re seeing what’s happening just after 4 weeks.  And our couples all seem to be in pretty good places.  No one is a real asshole.  No one is a manipulative liar.  No one is a control freak, ok well Nate may still find himself on a maybe list.  But overall, these really seem to be good people.  And possibly, good matches.

Wait, Where’s the Sexy Part?

It didn’t take long for two of the couples to go do the deed.  But Cody & Danielle have struggled to find a sweet spot that leaves them both comfortable to take action.

Initially, they had an instant attraction and did a good bit of kissing and cuddling.  Thanks to editing that wants us always wondering, we don’t really see quite what it is that reels them back a page.

Cody has been a playboy right up to the night before he was matched.  And realizes he doesn’t want to screw up and go for a wham bam… oh maybe you’re not the right one. Thank you, ma’am.  He tells Danielle that he wants to make sure they have a good friendship foundation before moving into the physical.

Danielle seems to take this as a sign of rejection and a step in the wrong direction.  She’s already pledged to marry Cody (at least for 8 weeks, even though those vows said ’till death) and she is ready for honeymoon sex!  She also sees this lack of aggressively going for the gold as a weakness in his manliness.  I personally think it shows a strength of character.  But I understand wanting to be taken – in a passionate fashion.

Tonight we’ll see where the romantic carpet munching (no pun intended) and cuddling in front of the fire will lead.  Considering common interests and initial attraction, I think this couple has great possibilities to remain married.