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Married at First Sight Surpasses the Halfway Point – Season 5

This Week the Couples Reached their Halfway Mark

They are spending more family time, going on outings, and getting to know each other on deeper levels.  Dr. Pepper is visiting and talking to the couples about that deepening of relationships.

Nate & Shiela

Nate & Shiela have been paired on Married at First Sight Season 5.  The couple from Chicago met at the alter thanks to this wretched reality show, but it looks to me like they can thank the experts.

Sheila and Momma Duhon are still struggling to build a relationship.  I’m not going to bash anyone’s momma, but she’s had a difficult time understanding why Nate would go through with this marriage at first sight and her reactions to it have been a challenge.

Sheila is already an aggressively independent woman, so it’s difficult to manage someone coming at her with so much negativity.  I have high hopes that they will come to love each other.

The couple has a blow-up argument in public while on their trip to Galena over pettiness.  Nate gets on Sheila’s nerves and she’s a little distant.  But It’s the producers’ instigation and Sheila seems fed up with it.  Their arguement about the garage is just kind of silly.

Two things I don’t like about this couple is Nate’s use of terminology referring to them not working out and how Sheila directly states it’s over during every fight.  These two got to stop thinking and acting in terms of break up.

Anthony & Ashley

These two are having the easiest time managing the spot light surrounding them and the most natural to grow in their relationship on camera. Ashley seems to be making good impressions on Anthony’s family.

Anthony seems to take everything in stride about 99% of the time.

Ashley appears very afraid of losing her identity and hasn’t at this point learned to create as identity as a couple.

They can quit pushing these two to have the LOVE conversation and let them do their thing.

Anthony and Ashley get their first pet snail together.  Ashley agrees to do all the caretaking of the fish tank and Anthony fears he will be stuck doing it.

Cody & Danielle

I see these two as having a lot of reasons they should be able to work out.  Looking back to the beginning of this series, one couple waited over 2 months before they had sex. Now they are 1 of 2 couples to still be together.  Maybe Jamie needed the security of knowing it would last more than 8 weeks to be comfortable giving herself to Doug.  It’s possible that this situation can work best for Danielle in the same way.

Its’ odd in a way because these two were super hot & heavy from the word go, then Cody took a step back.  Now the show is heavily edited for dramatic effect so it’s difficult to know what’s really going on off-camera.  (And sometimes even on-camera.)  Cody said he knows the difference between meaningful sex and sex for fun. And he was having sex (presumably for fun) up to the day before he was told he’d be matched.  Given this, I do think it right to make sure this will be a bond of more than fun sex.  I imagine how I would feel knowing my new husband was having sex with someone else up till that moment and then jumping right into bed with me.  That speaks volumes to his genuine commitment.

But they are getting sweaty together!  And we do see Danielle giving Cody a lot of goo goo eyes.



Things I’m Sick of Seeing

Now now, get your panties out of a wad and relax. I love you social media.  But seriously, give these people a break.

Let’s address these issues.

Everyone on this show is a real person with real feelings and emotions.  I do think a few people on the show’s past were in it for the fame.  With some maybes that it started for the right reasons.  But all 6 of the people casted for season 5 are genuine.  You doubt?  No one gives a damn.  STFU.  Seriously, no one likes a troll.

Danielle  “Be a Wife”

Is Danielle “not taking it seriously”?  I find it to be utter bullshit for her not having sex yet used to define her seriousness.  She’s not ready for sex.  The internet is literally sexually harassing her.  It’s despicable.  Signing up for a show does not obligate you to fuck someone.  Period.  The concept the show projects is learning to let love grow.  So watch them grow!  At their own damn pace.

This is an upstanding woman who knows herself.

Sheila “Doesn’t deserve a man like Nate”

Yes Sheila cried, has emotions, and some verbal management to consider.  But what I see between these two is real.  Everyone has to deal with their own demons in their own way.  Only Nate gets to decide who deserves him.  And I think he’s taking it pretty well.

Shelia is strong and independent.  She’s got some serious defense mechanisms going on.  But damnit.  She’s a good lady.  Sheila means to do right and have right.  I say Kudos to learning how to manage all these things on camera.

Ashley “is a whiny bitch”

Are you kidding me?? This is an awful and repugnant thing to say, to a stranger on the internet no less. Ashley does have some control issues.  But shit, we’re bred that way in Chicago.

Ashley has been putting herself out there to do things Anthony enjoys etc. At this point on the show I don’t think she sees her own struggle to understand that to be married means putting aside being solitary and learning to be a unit.  But she’s not whining, she’s just scared of losing her independence.

Anthony “is too ugly for Ashley”

This blows my mind.  But I’ve seen it a bunch across the interent.  Are you kidding?  Anthony is totally cute; he and Ashley look like a matching set.  Stop talking shit.

Anthony is very patient and understanding.  He totally gets married life.  It’s refreshing.  Good job raising this one.

Nate can do no wrong

Every problem between Nate & Shelia come from Sheila.  OMG.  This man went from attacks about how immature he is to every girl’s dream and they all rise to his defense.

It doesn’t bother me that they are talking well of this man, but that they use it to constantly belittle his partner is disturbing.

Cody “only talks about Sex”

This one may be the most outrageous outpour of negative comments from viewers of MAFS this year.  Even though it’s been admitted that the producers make them talk about the sex in interview 4-5 times a day, no one seems to understand that these couples don’t control the topics of conversation.

Yes, men in their 20’s are focused on sex.  Yes, in part the separation between a marital relationship and a friendship is sexual relations.  Yes, a larger percent of us have sex within the first month of dating.  No, they’re not dating — they’re married.  But they are still humans with thoughts, feelings, and needs.

Has he worded everything perfectly?  Maybe not. Just keep in mind the show’s ratings flourish with drama.  Seeing the internet go wild over bullshit seems to be the producers’ desire.

Long story short

Quit being a bunch of online douchebags.  If you don’t have anything nice to say, then STFU.  You’re watching about 3 minutes of heavily edited snippets of these people’s lives. and another 5-10 minutes of controlled conversations and repeat clips.  You don’t actually know what they’re doing.

Furthermore, the “experiment period” ended months before you get to view it, therefore, your words & suggestions don’t change a thing.

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Is This the Night for Cody & Danielle? – MAFS 510

Danielle & Cody Work on Growing Together

Who’s Ready to Consummate?

On MAFS (Married at First Sight), we get a chance to watch some drama unfold as people marry strangers.  Let’s take a moment to remember that these are real people, who have chosen to be in a real marriage, with people’s who’s names were unknown to them right up to the alter.  Real people.  And America is judging them harshly, both positively and negatively.  Myself included.

Even though it’s been nearly a year since the marriages took place, tonight we’re seeing what’s happening just after 4 weeks.  And our couples all seem to be in pretty good places.  No one is a real asshole.  No one is a manipulative liar.  No one is a control freak, ok well Nate may still find himself on a maybe list.  But overall, these really seem to be good people.  And possibly, good matches.

Wait, Where’s the Sexy Part?

It didn’t take long for two of the couples to go do the deed.  But Cody & Danielle have struggled to find a sweet spot that leaves them both comfortable to take action.

Initially, they had an instant attraction and did a good bit of kissing and cuddling.  Thanks to editing that wants us always wondering, we don’t really see quite what it is that reels them back a page.

Cody has been a playboy right up to the night before he was matched.  And realizes he doesn’t want to screw up and go for a wham bam… oh maybe you’re not the right one. Thank you, ma’am.  He tells Danielle that he wants to make sure they have a good friendship foundation before moving into the physical.

Danielle seems to take this as a sign of rejection and a step in the wrong direction.  She’s already pledged to marry Cody (at least for 8 weeks, even though those vows said ’till death) and she is ready for honeymoon sex!  She also sees this lack of aggressively going for the gold as a weakness in his manliness.  I personally think it shows a strength of character.  But I understand wanting to be taken – in a passionate fashion.

Tonight we’ll see where the romantic carpet munching (no pun intended) and cuddling in front of the fire will lead.  Considering common interests and initial attraction, I think this couple has great possibilities to remain married.