About Randimonium

Randimonium is about sharing my particular and sometimes peculiar, Joliet bred sarcastic points of view on current entertainment.  Whether it’s news, books, film, or tv, I’ll try not to be annoying… and avoid politics.

Each blog will focus on 1-2 shows in their current season: American Gods, all things Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Married at First Sight & 2nd Chances, Marvel & DC movies, cult classics, This is Us, Bates Motel. For now.

Who We Are

Well I’m Kate, I do all the writing here. I’m the literature junkie and languagenerd.  I’ve  spent most of my life ignoring tv and popular music. I’ve rarely done more than go to the movies and a few concerts.

I’m really loud.  And I forget things and wouldn’t have shown up to her best friends’ wedding if not reminded what time it was at.  My super power might be the ability to sleep for 72 hours without going pee.  And I once survived an attack from a giant Mother Goose. My scars are from dumb shit like stepping on a fish tank.  All this yet I still breathe every day.

Today, I’m too busy to leave the house so I spend my time watching shows where everyone gets killed and then writing about it.