About Us

About the Show

The Randimonium Show is a podcast recorded by a guy named John and a girl named Kate. We’re sharing our particular and sometimes peculiar, Chicago bread sarcastic points of view on current entertainment.  Whether it’s news, books, film, or tv, we’ll be trying to avoid getting on each other’s nerves… and politics.

Each episode will focus on 1-2 shows in their current season: American Gods, all things Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Married at First Sight & 2nd Chances, Marvel & DC movies, cult classics, This is Us, Bates Motel… just to give you an idea

Who We Are

Well I’m Kate, I do all the writing and annoying stuff.  And he’s John, he does all the sound editing & technical stuff while managing to put up with me.  John’s a city kid and I’m a suburban kid, yet somehow we came together to form wacky-happy life.

The cultured one is John.  He’s been keeping up with the world all his life and doing stuff.   And I’m the literary one, spending most of my life ignoring tv and music. Prior to life with John, I’ve rarely done more than go to the movies.  He makes me do stuff and watch things.  Ok, I wouldn’t say that “makes me” is quite accurate, I’m overly happy doing everything with John.

John & Kate

John is awesome.  He forgets most of what I say, but can tell you the name of every cast member from a movie he watched when he was 5.  He shoots lazers from his eyes and can take down a sasquatch with one punch.  He has 500 scars from bar fighting.  All this, but he can’t fix cars.

Kate is loud.  She forgets everything and wouldn’t show up to her best friends’ wedding if John didn’t remind her what time it was at.  She can sleep for 72 hours without going pee and once survived an attack from a giant Mother Goose. Her scars are from dumb shit like stepping on a fish tank.  All this yet she still breathes every day.

I ask John all the time, “Why do you put up with me?” His reply is usually, “Because you’re funny.” At least I have that going.  Together we are random, weird, ambitious, and life is fun and hilarious.  We love working on this together and it’s great you’re here too!