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American Gods – A Murder of Gods – Ep. 106

Disclaimer: Spoilers!! We do recaps, opinions, analysis and rants AFTER we watch the show. We’re trying not to give too much away in advance, but anything aired is up for grabs.

American Gods

This week John & Kate recap, however un-chronologically, ep. 6 of American Gods – “A Murder of Gods”. Hey! This was not in the book!!

In this episode, we quite literally and for the first time see a murder of a god -TWICE! First Jesus then in infamous god of guns, Vulcan. Laura, Mad Sweeny, and Salim/not Salim become an unexpected and hilarious trio, all needing one another and bickering like kids stuck in the car on a road trip. Shadow is beginning to see things for what they are and Ricky Wittle is pulling of the big dumb guy role well. Ian McShane continues to blow his character, Mr. Wednesday out of the water with charm air of disturbing charm and some stellar sword swinging skills.

This episode of American Gods has swung itself far out of the book with new characters, new scenes, and re-manufacturing of stories that breathe life into new beliefs. A town reminiscent of 1950’s Germany targets us all in a topic very relevant to our modern society. And we learn “life is good.”

By now the actors have bloomed into their roles and they charm the socks off us at every turn. The cinematography continues to delight.

Fear the Walking Dead

Season 3 double feature premiere! Oh yes! This is the most action we’ve seen from FTWD to date! It was a pleasure to have a little zombie action back in our lives. Sadly, neither of us are feeling much depth to these characters, even after witnessing some major suffering and loss. I know we’re supposed to be seeing a regular, boring, American family from the beginning of it all, but why must they still be boring? If Strand dies – I say we riot!! We lost Travis, without Strand there’s not much to see. SHOW US THE ZOMBIES!!

Overall while we can’t help but be obsessed with all things Walking Dead and will continue to watch the show just to see how things develop and intertwine, admittedly neither of us are driven by the dispassionate relationships of the characters. Maybe without Madison forced to pretend Travis is her soul mate, we will see something new come about. At the end we see Madison’s poor excuse for grief and weird declaration to take the Broke Jaw Ranch by force if she needs be. Sorry Madison, I’m not feelin you.

Married at First Sight

Are Chicago couples of season 5 are the most reasonable bunch to date, but will they be in it for the long haul? Or will the experts see failed marriages #11, 12, & 13??

I have hopes for all three couples this season; everyone seems to be here for the right reasons and willing to listen to advice and work to get to know each other.

Shelia & Nate seem to have smoothed out some initial wrinkles. Nate, in the matching, wedding, and honeymoon episodes didn’t leave us feeling like there was any hope for this pair!! He’s grown on me significantly, but John is still highly doubtful that Nate has it in him to be understand the gravity of marriage… in Nate’s defense, John’s missed 3-4 episodes ­čÖé These two seem to be growing together and falling in the love thing if you ask me…

Ashly & Anthony seem to be moving right along. Maybe her need to control her environment and protect her feminism and identity will bring about some harsh realities for her. Anthony has a passive manner toward, understand of and patience with her; he is highly aware of her mood at all times and seems to still see that she is an amazing woman. I’m hoping he can find his mojo for communicating with her and she can learn that it’s ok to give in when you find someone willing to give you security to do so.

Cody & Danielle still no consummation!! “I went to shrink… …she says it’s lack of sex that’s bringing me down.” Between talks of starting off as friends, lack of manliness, and looking for a spark, these two are working around the clock. Up at the crack of dawn and in bed exhausted barely before midnight… it’s no wonder these two haven’t had a chance to hook-up! They seem to like each other, have a lot in common, and communicate well. Hopefully they’re busy making the time to get busy as I type this!

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American Gods – Lemon Scented You – Ep. 105

This episode covers a recap of episode 5 of American Gods on STARZ titled “Lemon Scented You”- We have our protagonist finds his dead wife in his hotel room, gets arrested for bank robbery, and manages to escape. Of course, there’s so much more to the story than this. We make mention of our enjoyment of Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 and continue to analyze and judge people we don’t know in real life as we watch them try to make life work married to a stranger on Married at First Sight & 2nd Chances.

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